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Added Convenience with a Hinged Hitch Cargo Carrier

While a Hitch Cargo Carrier is a convenient feature, you may be wondering what to do with it when not in use. After all, it is not much help to you stored in your garage at home when you are across town when extra storage is needed in a pinch. Avoid a bulky extension when not in use by adding Dee Zee’s Hinged Cargo Carrier.

What’s so Great About this Hitch Cargo Carrier?

The Hinged Cargo Carrier offers all the versatility you could ask for. First, it is constructed with reinforced steel tubing to ensure durability. The heavy-duty steel is sealed with a black powder coat to prevent rusting. In fact, the carrier is so durable that it can safely support and transport up to 500 pounds extended from standard Class 3 trailer hitches.

What further separates this carrier is it is conveniently hinged on the extension arm to fold flat against the rear of your vehicle when not in use. This is a carrier that anyone can put to good use by tucking neatly at a 90-degree angle against the rear and avoiding potential accidents with a protruding extension. Storage options are now consistently with your vehicle!

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