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Features to Look for in Headache Racks for Trucks

If you transport any type of gear in your bed, you will definitely benefit from a Truck Headache Rack. In a perfect world, the rack will simply be a stylish accessory, never forced to act as a buffer against errant supplies when hitting the brakes hard. The materials play an important role in protection and design styles.

Comparing Headache Racks for Trucks

There are a lot of headache racks for trucks available with different variations. Typically made of aluminum or steel, these are strong materials that offer maximum durability. Some have a louver design that deflects direct sunlight, but does not diminish visibility out the rear of the cab while others have mesh or rigid cross bars.

Dee Zee cab racks feature an integrated channel system to hold accessories, as well as removable tie-downs. You can move the included cast aluminum tie-downs along the channel to maximize leverage when securing your cargo. The several variations of Light Mounts allow you to add your own beacon lights to the rack.

Whether aluminum or steel versions complete the look of your truck, Dee Zee Headache Racks provide attentive designs to work for you and your truck.

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