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Fuel Transfer Tanks Keep Generators and Equipment Running

Whether you are working in the field or on a job site, you need to keep your equipment on the move. You can’t afford to have equipment down time waiting for fuel trucks to show up or driving the round trip to town simply to fill up. Mounting a Fuel Transfer Tank in your truck or on a trailer can save you from production killing downtime allowing you to refuel on the spot. Dee Zee has an extensive line of Liquid Transfer Tanks to help get the job done.

Common Uses for Transfer Tanks

There are many uses for the Dee Zee Liquid Transfer tanks. Transfer Tanks offer you a mobile diesel fueling station to keep construction equipment operating at full speed or ensuring farm tractors, sprayers and combine equipment are ready to attack the fields. Transfer Tanks even give you the option to refill your own diesel pickup between trips to the pump or transfer waste oil or fluids from you workshop to a collection center.

Hauling small amounts of water is also a common use for Dee Zee Transfer Tanks. You now have the ability to add water to the radiators of your equipment or filling water troughs for your livestock on the farm. If you work taking care of small gardens or flowers along a city street, you are able to carry enough water to quench the thirst of landscaping areas.

Tanks Vital When Crisis Strikes

In a time of need, Transfer Tanks are imperative to keep generators running at full speed. Hurricanes and tornados are devastating to a city’s infrastructure and fuel becomes a vital organ to keep electricity flowing via generators. When natural disasters strike, power may not be restored for weeks at a time. Keep a Transfer Tank ready to ensure your generator can give your family light until power is available.

What Sets Dee Zee Tanks Apart

Dee Zee Transfer Tanks are made from either thick diamond plate aluminum or heavy-duty 14-gauge steel in a variety of styles and volume capacities. Steel tanks features a textured NRT® white or black powder coat that was specially developed to inhibit corrosion on steel. Internal stability baffles and radius curve design eliminates weld pressure points. Dee Zee’s Combo Transfer Tanks have a Tool Box mounted to the tank for convenient lockable storage. The standard bung is complete with vented gas cap and accepts most Transfer Pumps.

Dee Zee has the tools you need to be prepared for the worst storms and allow you to operate job site equipment at full speed.

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