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Headache Racks Secure Your Haul

Have you ever found yourself taking items out of your bed or making an extra trip because you didn’t want any cargo damaging your truck or window? Headache Racks are simple, yet essential accessories allows you to haul more, worry less and remain safe.

Improve Safety with Truck Racks

Although a few dents and scratches on a truck can be frustrating, they certainly are not life threatening by any means. You never know when you will be forced to slam on your brakes. You are strapped in safely with your seatbelt, but what happens to your cargo during this abrupt stop? There is the potential of all your cargo crashing towards the rear window of the truck. The potential of long and heavy items breaking through the glass are a real danger to passengers. Dee Zee’s Headache Racks for trucks provide a barrier between you and your cargo.

How to Select the Right Cab Rack

Headache Racks are mounted between the truck cabin and the cargo area. Dee Zee’s aluminum cab racks have louvered or ultra mesh interior expanse to defend against errant cargo. Aluminum styles also offer an optional Rear Rack to create ladder rack options with your truck bed.

Dee Zee’s steel models feature a louvered design to keep out direct sunlight from heating the cab. The texture powder coated steal is UV resistant and includes a specially formulated NRT powder coating to increase corrosion resistance. Mounting brackets are sold separately in order to custom fit to your specific make and model with your preference of white or black finish.

Once a Headache Rack is securely anchored to the truck’s stake pocket holes, they provide increased protection and new anchor points to tie down loose cargo.

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