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Pickup Bed Mats Should be the First Accessory You Buy

The minute you drive off the dealer lot, your truck is vulnerable to wear and tear. Odds are you bought a truck for the hauling capabilities the truck bed offers, whether that is rugged daily uses as a contractor or simply need it for some weekend DIY projects. Avoiding costly depreciation starts on day one.

Protecting the bed surface is key and you shouldn’t put anything back there before you shop for a Truck Bed Mat. No matter how careful you are loading your truck, the smooth bed surface does not inhibit shifting cargo that results in scratching the paint. A truck bed mat is potentially the single most important accessory you might buy and at minimal cost. It will protect the vehicle from scratches and dents, and help to provide traction to eliminate sliding cargo.

Check Out Our Diamond Series Bed Mat Combo

It is equally as important to protect your tailgate, especially if you haul a lot of cargo and loading your truck with the tailgate down. For a limited time, you can get a tailgate mat FREE with out Diamond Series Bed Mat Combo. It has a unique diamond texture pattern that provides traction, and it is made from impact resistant rubber that can take the beating of spills and heavy cargo.

The Diamond Series mat has cut lines specific to your vehicle to contour around wheel wells for maximum coverage and all mounting hardware is included for the tailgate mat. Complete coverage is attainable and affordable.

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