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Universal Mud Flap Protection

You can add instant protection to almost any truck in just a matter of minutes. Nothing beats a gleaming paint job fresh off the dealer lot. Unfortunately, that won’t last forever if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your vehicle with necessary parts. Dee Zee’s Semi-Universal Mud Flaps can be easily added to protect your truck where the rubber meets the road.

Mud Flaps for Trucks are Protective and Affordable

Dee Zee offers extremely affordable Mud Flap solutions to defend against the road elements. They deflect road debris away from the fender wells to minimize paint damage or leaving your stranded with a flat tire. Remember the mud lines up the door during winter driving? You can reduce your trips to the car wash by containing the spray.

Dee Zee Universal Mud Flaps are made from thick black composite material and blend with truck lines. They fit almost any truck, van or SUV with minimal installation time with a couple household tools. For under $20, you can protect your vehicle from potential damage from road debris.

Do you want a little flair? Check out our Semi-Universal Brite-Tread Mud Flaps.

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