Personalizing Your Crossover.

The mighty gas-guzzling dinosaurs of old have evolved into crossover vehicles that can keep the hectic pace of an active family with proportional sizing. The cargo area makes these vehicles perfect for traveling or simply hauling the sports gear to the next practice.

Adding Running Boards to your Crossover

Running Boards can be an affordable, stylish, and functional addition to your crossover vehicle. Dee Zee offers three (3) styles of NXc Running Boards to accent your vehicle with stainless steel, chrome, or black aluminum materials. Pick the style that works with your vehicle and make your crossover work for you.

Whether the kids need an extra boost into the backseat or you need a foothold to access your roof rack full of camping gear, the NXc boards have you covered. The slip resistant raised rubber grommets provide a non-skid surface on the entire length of the board with the sleek design that tapers towards the fender wells.

Custom fitting bracket kits specific to your make and model give even the most novice do-it-yourselfer a fighting chance to install on a Saturday morning and a custom fit look on your vehicle. They also protect your rocker panels from road debris and the aluminum construction ensures they remain rust free.

Dee Zee proudly manufactures the NXc Running Boards in America’s Heartland.

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