Truck Bed Mat 101

Congratulations on your new truck! You are already telling the kids they can’t eat in the vehicle and the most your truck bed has experienced is some sacks of groceries. Before long, the new car smell will wear off and you will let your guard down.

It doesn’t take much to add a scratch or ding to the truck bed. You may have also experienced your groceries spewed across the entire bed after sliding around on the way home. The first thing you need to buy for your truck is custom Bed Mat and here are the reasons why.

Benefits of Truck Bed Mats

  • Inexpensive – Don’t have the money to invest in a premium bed liner? No problem; Dee Zee Truck Bed Mats offer ultimate protection at the fraction of the cost. They even offer many benefits a spray-in liner won’t match.
  • Temporary – Do you trade in your truck every two years on lease? Not only will the Bed Mat help retain the value of your truck, you could use it as another selling feature or easily switch it to your next truck.
  • Heavy-Duty – Dee Zee Bed Mats are made of a highly compressed rubber compound that offers unmatched shock absorption to protect your bed. The 3/8″ thick rubber is custom fit and conforms around your wheel wells for maximum protection
  • Resilient – Durable rubber offers a significant advantage in dexterity. The Bed Mat will not crack, tear, rust, or break in extreme temperatures. The highly condensed rubber resists most chemical spills and washes clean with a hose.
  • Skid-free – Rubber Bed Mats are heavy and won’t slide when you are pushing or pulling heavy cargo. Rubber cleats on the underside ensure the mat stays in place and also allow space for water drainage. Even if you do have a spray liner, the skid resistant rubber also helps keep your cargo from shifting during the drive to avoid damage to the truck walls.

A custom fitting Bed Mat may be the only thing protecting your truck bed from an unsightly scratch or dent. You are either getting one now to protect your truck, or getting one later to cover up an ugly gouge. We trust you will make the right choice and don’t forget your Tailgate needs love too.

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