A pickup truck is just not complete without a few must-have accessories. We have everything you need, plus a variety of specialty items if your truck needs to be a mobile worksite with fuel transfer tanks or a ladder rack. Whether you have just bought a new truck, or if you are looking to breathe new life into an old one, Dee Zee can help.

Popular Accessories at Dee Zee

1. Tool Boxes – Whether you use your truck for work or not, you will appreciate having your equipment safe and organized in a truck tool box. The endless style options will ensure you find a perfect match
2. Bed Mats – If you don’t have a truck bed mat, you absolutely need one. They protect against scratches and dents while also helping to keep items from rolling in the back. No investment will give you more bang for the buck.
3. Tailgate Assist – Along with bed mats, adding a truck tailgate assist can exponentially increase the functionality of your truck for pennies on the dollar. The unit safely lowers the tailgate and avoids the bone jarring crash.
4. Mud Flaps – If you want to protect from unsightly dings and also be courteous to the drivers behind you, add a a set of mud flaps. Styles are available to match the full line of accessories on your truck.
5. Bed Rail Caps – Every time you load or unload items from your truck’s bed, your truck bed rails are vulnerable to damage. Lightweight metal bed rail caps protect the paint job on your truck.
6. Nerf Bars and Running Boards – Get a boost into your pickup truck with stylish running boards or nerf bars. These necessary accessories provide a safe step up into your prized truck.

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