Whether you have a monster truck or a midsize SUV, Dee Zee Nerf Bars provide a solid step platform into your vehicle. The constant in and out of the vehicle can cause strain even on the most nimble physique. Nerf Bars provide added convenience to passengers that may also need an extra boost. A tubular step from Dee Zee gives you a secure footing and a stylish design.

Nerf Bars Increase Safety in All Weather

Rain, sleet and snow can all cause slippery conditions while trying to enter or exit your vehicle. Without a step at the appropriate height for vehicle access, an unstable footing puts you at risk of stumbling or falling. Dee Zee Nerf Bars offer formed step pads that provide you the extra grip at the point of contact. The grooved design channels water so the surface stays drier.

Nerf Bars extend away from the vehicle to save your pant legs from dirty rocker panels and also provide a great place to wipe the mud off your shoes before you get in your vehicle. The high quality materials will ensure the tubes look sharp with simple cleaning and custom fit applications make the install a breeze!

Dee Zee offers Nerf bars in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, so there is a style to complement every vehicle!

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