Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to show that special woman in your life how much the little things she does every day means to you.  If the same old flowers and card aren’t going to cut it this year, why not give her a gift that she will enjoy every day while she’s out and about. Here are a few gift ideas that can help make Mom’s vehicle look its best AND make her life easier.

Mom is often tasked with being the family chauffeur, making sure everyone gets to school and sports practices on time.  Add in trips to the grocery store and all the other errands in her day, and that means she spends a lot of time on the road, climbing in and out of her vehicle at every stop.  Give her and the kids a boost by adding steps to her ride.  Dee Zee offers a wide range of Running Boards and Step Bars to fit pickup trucks of all sizes.  And if her vehicle of choice is an SUV or Crossover, Dee Zee’s NXc Running Boards will get the job done.  They come in three styles to accent her vehicle in stainless steel, chrome or black aluminum.

Help keep Mom’s vehicle looking it’s best by adding a set of Mud Flaps to deflect debris and keep the road spray to a minimum.  Dee Zee has four styles to choose from:  Black or Brite-Tread Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Black Poly Plastic.  Choose the look that complements her vehicle’s steps or trim package with one of Dee Zee’s universal options.

Don’t forget about the inside of Mom’s truck or SUV.   Help keep the elements of the outside world away from the interior carpet with Dee Zee floor mats.  There are 4 styles to fit her needs, along with rear mats to keep even extended and crew cabs covered.  Dee Zee’s All Weather Floor Mats include a deep style to hold even more dirt and water, Tread Mats with aluminum insert, Full Width option and universal Rear Mats. Made from tough, durable rubber, the cleats on the back prevent them from slipping.

Part of being the family chauffeur is hauling around all of the equipment needed for all of those sports practices.  If it’s not uncommon to have a random soccer ball rolling around in the back of the truck or SUV, give Mom a  Dee Zee Poly Storage Chest to make it easy to corral all of the balls, bats, bags, cleats…. you get the picture. With two sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect size to fit her vehicle.

Last but not least, if loading and unloading items from the back of her truck is part of Mom’s daily routine, you can lighten her load by installing a Dee Zee Tailgate Assist.  It will make lowering the tailgate so easy - it’s like you are right there doing it for her! Installation is a breeze, so you can have it done in time for Mother’s Day Brunch.
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