What is a Bed Mat?
There are a number of different options for protecting the bed of your truck, from spray-in liners to carpeted mats. Bed Mats include the family of products made from rubber that are molded to fit on the inside of your truck bed.
Bed Mats have a number of advantages over other products. They are typically less than $100 for a full-size truck, require no installation, and require no maintenance through their service life. Bed Mats are made from durable rubber materials which prevent objects from sliding around in your bed and protect the finish of your paint from chemical spills such as gasoline or oil.
Choosing a Bed Mat
Bed Mats come in a variety of material thicknesses and styles. When choosing a bed mat, be sure to make note of the make, model and bed size of your truck. Bed Mats can be purchased in “custom fit” applications which conform to the foot print of your truck bed. Universal mats usually come in 4×8 or 4×6 sizes and may include “scribe lines” to allow the user to trim excess material to fit their beds.
When considering bed mat material, remember that more is always better. Choosing a mat with thicker material will ensure better protection for your truck. A thicker mat may weigh a few pounds more, but this weight will help ensure that the mat doesn’t fly around in your vehicle or wrinkle when moving a heavy object.
Other Ideas
Bed mats have a number of other uses besides protecting your truck bed. A 4x 8 universal mat will cover the floor of snowmobile trailers, motorcycle trailers or other flat-bed trailers to provide a soft, non-skid surface to work upon.
Bed mat materials can be used in front of shop benches, inside tool chests or underneath carpeting to provide a safer and easier place to stand for long periods of times.
Where to buy
The best place to find bed mats are at your local automotive parts store, farm store or online at www.deezee.com.

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