Bull Bars were specifically developed to protect vital engine parts during the unfortunate collision with animals. The rugged and untamed landscape of Australia’s Outback left vehicles susceptible to kangaroos and other wild animals. Such accidents left occupants stranded far from civilization with engine parts such as the radiator ruptured.

The most common collisions in the US include whitetail deer, but even a simple fender bender can leave vital engine parts susceptible. If cosmetic damage is not enough to deal with, you may be faced with expensive fixes to components of the engine. Many Bull Bars also offer a skid plate to protect the undercarriage when off-roading.

Bull Bars Today

There are several variations in Bull BarsGrill Guards, and Bumper Guards today that can accommodate different uses. You may have seen specialized versions on police cars that are commonly called “nudge bars”. Officers can safely disable fleeing vehicles by utilizing a “PIT” maneuver: nudging the back quarter panel of the vehicle to bring them to a stop.

Bull Bars also offer protection to off-roading enthusiasts. They provide a great place for mounting auxiliary lights to brighten the trail or to mount a winch for even more versatility. The visual appeal of this accessory can also give your vehicle a custom look.

Potential interactions with animals in the road will always remain a real hazard. Bull Bars can effectively shield your front end with heavy-duty steel and serve to keep the vehicle operable after a collision. The design of the accessory gives your vehicle a stylish look, but offers real protection dating back to its original purpose.

Dee Zee can help protect your vehicle with a Stainless Steel or UltraBlack Bull Bar, with two skid plate designs to choose from and options for adding auxiliary lights. No matter how the Bull Bar fits into your lifestyle, Dee Zee is ready to help protect your vehicle on the journey.

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