Stainless steel certainly enhances the appearance of your vehicle, but the material itself also offers specific benefits. Running boards give the functional step into the vehicle but it is important they last for years of use and abuse through various road conditions. Dee Zee’s Stainless Steel Running Boards fight off the elements that can devastate the undercarriage of your vehicle. Resiliency of Stainless Steel If you live in a location that fights against snow and ice during the winter months, you will appreciate the power of stainless steel accessories. Winter months can leave for messy road conditions where salt, deicing liquids and sand quickly take its toll on the vehicle undercarriage. Stainless steel is one of the few materials that can defend from corrosion when interacting with these abrasive road elements. A sure footing is also imperative during icy conditions. Dee Zee stainless boards provide full-length ribbed rubber traction for a sure step every time. Rock chips can also quickly leave the fender wells susceptible to rust and corrosion. The built in front mud flaps protect the fender wells and keep the step area clean. Combined with a lustrous shine, stainless steel accessories can liven up your vehicle for years while resisting the damaging effects of road grime and winter chemicals used to keep roads clear.
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