Cab Racks can add a tough looking fixture to your truck bed with many convenient perks. The tubular material adds mounting points for unlimited accessories, plus anchor points to safely secure cargo. Some Cab Racks also feature a matching Rear Rack to create a ladder rack option for your truck bed. There is no telling when your truck bed might be full and you need an elevated lift to transport longer items. Benefits of Headache Racks
  • Rugged Styling – Dee Zee Cab Racks give your vehicle a rugged look. The durable tubular steel or aluminum will remain stable during the life of your truck. You can select from the honeycomb look of the aluminum ultra-mesh or opt for a louvered designs made from steel finishes.
  • Save Bed Space – These racks are ideal for hauling work equipment such as ladders or piping, but don’t forget the skis, kayaks and other essentials on your weekend expedition. Your bed space will remain clear for your tents, sleeping bags, and coolers and all your other travel gear.
  • Protection – The heavy-duty material used in a Dee Zee Cab Racks can help prevent items from damaging your truck cab. The spider web of aluminum ultra-mesh can deflect the damaging effects from shifting cargo as well as evenly spaced louver designs which can offer the same deterrent.
  • Accessory Channel – Dee Zee’s Cab Racks feature an integrated channel design that allows for endless accessory options. You can mount items such lights or tie down anchors at any point on the Cab Rack. The channel gives you the versatility to place your equipment in the perfect spot.
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