Riding through the backwoods on your ATV sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend. Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping or just playing, it is essential to have an easy and safe way to carry your gear. You may have considered rigging a storage box, but Dee Zee has the perfect solution with mounting brackets to secure a dependable box to your ATV.

You Don’t Need a Truck Tool Box

You don’t need to rig a Truck Tool Box; Dee Zee has an ATV Tool Box to fit nicely on the front or rear of your ATV. With two sizing options to choose from, you can add a convenient chest directly to the ATV. The non-rusting Brite-Tread aluminum is sealed with a thick black powder coat to resist the elements. A lockable stainless steel paddle handle latch ensures your gear is guarded even when left unattended. You can now secure the GPS system when not in use and store your watch or wallet when you are ready to hike away from the vehicle.

Mounting hardware is included so installation is easy with a few simple tools. There is no need to manipulate spare brackets in the garage or visit the local hardware store in hopes of finding an alternative solution. You can hit the trails without leaving gear behind and carry necessary maintenance tools in case of a breakdown.

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