It is easy to get overwhelmed when you start shopping for a Tool Box to add to your truck. Between the features, materials, shapes and sizes, the task can seem pretty daunting until you get your feet wet.

Which Truck Tool Box is Right for You?

The most important first step is choosing a design, shape, and style that will work best for your everyday purposes. Dee Zee offers several traditional styles that can quickly add increased functionality to your truck.

  • Crossover – As the name implies, Crossover Tool Boxes stretch horizontally from one side of the bed to the other. The Tool Box rests on the side rails behind the pickup cab and has a single lid.
  • Tool Box Chest – Tool Chests are ideal if you simply need a few tools to keep in your truck or SUV and even work great in the garage or workshop. They give a versatile approach to lockable storage.
  • Double Lid Gull Wing – These Tool Boxes hail from the Crossover Tool Box family, but give you the option to access your cargo either side of the truck bed with two independent lids. The Gull Wing Tool Boxes are great for frequent access needs.
  • Side Mount – Do you need to use every inch of your truck for storage? Side Mount Tool Boxes span the length of your truck bed rails to store tools and longer items for hassle free access. The available styles match your selected Crossover or Gull Wing Tool Box.
  • Topsider – As a variation from the Side Mount, Topsider Tool Boxes rest on the top of the truck bed rail. They add even more storage capacity and feature drop down doors.
  • Specialty – Dee Zee offers a variety of Specialty Tool Boxes to add greater functionality to your truck. This handy Tool Box category offers such things as Dog Chests, ATV Boxes, Wheel Well Tool Boxes and a collection of universal styles.

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