Cleaning your Tool Box might seem like a waste of time. A truck Tool Box is made to be abused and full of greasy tools to get the job done. The car wash counts, right? Simply put, you will be amazed at how a small dose of TLC will help your workhorse to last with your truck.

Steel Tool Boxes
Believe it or not, a waterless hand cleaner used in the garage is a great for cleaning old grease off steel. Put some on a rag, rub it in and then use paper towels to wipe off the residue. It works by liquefying the grease so it’s easy to remove. It’s also safe to use since it’s nonflammable which is of utmost importance if used on Fuel Transfer Tanks.

A heavy-duty citrus degreaser like Zep works wonders on both hands and steel objects. Toss a bit in there with some water, scrub it around with a sponge, then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Aluminum Tool Boxes
Dee Zee was founded on innovative solutions. Who would have guessed that windshield cleaner provides an inexpensive and effective cleaning agent. You can fill a spray bottle and keep it nearby. When you are straightening up at the end of the day, a few squirts and a quick wipe down and you are done. Add the cleansing shine to aluminum Tool Boxes or Transfer Tanks.

If the dirt is too tough, you can use something a little stronger. AMSOIL is a waterless lubricant solution that cleanses the outside surfaces of your Tool Box. The lubricating formula doesn’t let dirt stick to the surface and won’t scratch the finish when you apply the layer of protection. It will look like your equipment has been waxed when you are done.

Poly/Plastic Tool Boxes
Standard dish soap and water can do wonders on plastic materials such as Dee Zee’s Poly Tool Chests. Dawn is very mild and gentle on sensitive materials. If it can clean animals covered in oil from the Gulf, need we say more?

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