There are many benefits to adding additional lockable storage to your truck, but you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages to the material you choose. These PROS and CONS are virtually the same whether you are looking for a Tool Box or Liquid Transfer Tank.


  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Will not rust and will usually outlast your truck
  • You can choose raw Brite-Tread aluminum or add a high gloss black powder coat.
  • Large variety of accessories to compliment diamond plate aluminum (side bed caps, running boards, tailgate protector, front bed cap, mud flaps, etc.)


  • If not powder-coated, there is routine maintenance that may be necessary to keep the aluminum shining
  • Price – Aluminum is more expensive than steel


  • Extremely strong material
  • Offered in white or black powder coat
  • NRT™ (No Rust Technology) is used on all Dee Zee steel products
  • NRT™ is a chemical additive that creates a bond that prevents the spread of rust and corrosion
  • Price is considerably less than aluminum


  • Much heavier than aluminum
  • Caution needs to be taken to prevent scratching or gouging through the protective powder coat
  • The NRT™ additive will aid to prevent rust, but uncoated areas due to damage have the potential to rust

Now that you are armed with the knowledge, you can easily find the perfect Dee Zee Tool Box or Transfer Tank to outfit your truck.

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