Dee Zee was founded on innovation. Our products stem from brainstorming sessions and customer wish lists. The truth is, many Dee Zee products can be used beyond your vehicle with endless alternatives. Here is a look at how our Poly Tool Boxes can be used in a mixture of scenarios.

Boat Dock Box – If you own a boat, chances are you have a lot of stuff that goes along with it. Whether it’s at your house or on the boat dock, Dee Zee Poly Boxes are great for storage of equipment and accessories. The box is made from strong, blow-molded plastic that is weather resistant and even has built-in locking tabs for security. From washing supplies to battery chargers, Dee Zee’s Poly Boxes make an ideal storage box for all of those extra boating accessories.

Cooler – Are you looking for an easy way to keep your drinks cool on a hot summer day? With just one easy modification you can turn a Poly Chest into a one-of-a-kind cooler. These Plastic Chests already feature cup holders built into the double wall lid. That one easy modification: simply drill a small hole in the bottom of the chest to act as a drain. Add a small boat drain plug that can be found at your local auto parts store and refreshments are on ice.

Foot Locker for College – Are you sending your son or daughter off to college this year? They might need a chest to store miscellaneous items or a secure place to lock up personal items in their dorm room or other community living space. With three sizes to choose from, the Dee Zee Poly Box lineup gives numerous storage options to make sure valuables do not disappear.

Kid’s Toy Box – Tripping over your son or daughter’s toys might take its toll on your feet as well as your sanity. Any of the Dee Zee Poly Boxes would make an attractive and functional place to store toys or other items. The kids can now clean up the playroom on their own. The lightweight lid, nearly indestructible plastic and contoured edges also ensure safety. Dare we say lock it up when they are in timeout?

Winch Housing – Mounting a Poly Box to your trailer tongue is not an alternative use, but customizing it to store your trailer winch qualifies. By mounting the winch inside the Triangle Poly Box, you not only protect it from the elements, but you also provide a discreet location to reduce theft risk and extra security with a lockable hasp. Simply cut a hole through the back of the box to accommodate for the cable and the winch is conveniently located for loading your trailer.

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