Most dogs love nothing more than a car ride. The mere mention of the C-A-R may put your pooch’s tail into hyper speed and induce fits of anticipation. Somehow you have to curtail their excitement long enough to get the leash attached to their collar. Your dog is ready for the next adventure.

Although your dog may be well trained and enjoy the breeze blowing through his/her hair, it’s dangerous to let dogs ride in truck beds unrestrained. There is always the potential of an accident, swerving around an obstacle or even having to hit the breaks to avoid an accident. These unpredictable events could seriously injure your dog or worse. Its time to protect man’s best friend with a Truck Dog Box.

Dog Box Benefits

Dee Zee offers Dog Boxes to safely transport up to two dogs. The smooth interior bends eliminate sharp objects inside the kennel from hurting your dog and the ventilated design allows for proper air circulation. The chest style boxes contain your dog in a secure environment on the way to the park, lake or to the hunting grounds.

After a fun day in the field, your dog’s beautiful coat may now be wet and covered in mud. That’s definitely hard on the interior of your truck cabin if Fido is riding shotgun. Towels and blankets never seem to stay in place and it only takes one shake for you to be spending hours cleaning the inside of your truck. When you use a dog box, your truck cabin stays clean and you can spray your four-legged friend off when you get home.

Don’t leave man’s best friend at home. Take safety precautions when traveling with your pet by using a Dee Zee Dog Box to enjoy your next excursion.

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