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Auxiliary Fuel Line Connection Kit


Diesel fuel can be gravity fed directly into your OEM gas tank with an Auxiliary Fuel Line connection kit.


Less Time at the Pump Means More Time on the Road

Dee Zee’s Auxiliary Fuel Line Connector Kit turns your Dee Zee Auxiliary tank into a portable refueling station by giving you the ability to refuel your diesel fuel tank via gravity feed system.

Connect your Dee Zee Auxiliary Tank (sold separately) directly to your vehicle's fuel line to refill your tank whenever needed.

It’s All in the Box

Our conversion kit is proudly Made in the U.S.A and includes all hoses and mounting hardware to complete the conversion. Simplified shut-off valve to start and stop diesel fuel transfer ensures fool proof operation.

Dee Zee Auxiliary Fuel Line Connector Kit Features:

  • Feed Diesel Directly Into Your Fuel Line
  • All Hoses and Hardware Included
  • Some Cutting Required on the OEM Fuel Hose
  • Designed To Work With A 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Drain Fitting
  • Shut-off Valve to Start and Stop Diesel Fuel Transfer
  • Flow Valve Must be Closed During Vehicle Operation
  • Gravity System Not Intended for Continuous Fuel Transfer
  • Only For Use With Transfer Tanks Meeting Federal DOT Requirements
  • Made in USA

*Diesel fuel valve must be closed during vehicle operation and only opened to gravity feed the vehicle diesel tank during stops.

**Continuous fuel transfer to the vehicle tank may cause check engine alarms in newer vehicles. Some cutting may be required of the OEM fuel hose.

***Listed for diesel fuel operation only.