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BOLT Padlock


With the BOLT Padlock you can set all of your truck, trailer and equipment locks to work with your ignition key.


One Key to Rule Them All

If you have a key chain that weights 5lbs you’ll love the BOLT Series Padlocks. Imagine the simplicity of being able to lock and secure all of your tool boxes with the same key you use to start your vehicle. With the BOLT Series Padlock this is now possible.

Setup is as Easy as Inserting a Key

Customize as many locks as you want to work with your vehicles ignition key. Simply insert the key into the BOLT padlock and it mechanically learns the key code. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

What good is a lock if it doesn’t offer serious security? The BOLT padlock is built out of Zinc-Chrome plated 5/16“ hardened steel with 6 Plate Tumbler Sidebar prevents picking and bumping.

BOLT Series Padlock Features:

  • Zinc-Chrome Plated 5/16" Diameter Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Spring Loaded Shackle
  • Double Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism
  • Anti-Theft Security with a 6 Plate Tumbler Sidebar
  • Automotive Grade Stainless Steel Lock Shutter Keeps out Weather and Debris
  • Rugged Plastic Jacket Protects the Lock
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty