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Step Pads


Replacement Step Pads for Dee Zee Nerf Bars

$24.95 6" Step pad
$24.95 3" Logo w/Checks
$24.95 3" No Logo w/Checks
$24.95 3" Logo w/Checks & Quality
$24.95 3" Logo w/Lines
$24.95 3" No Logo w/Lines
$24.95 4" Logo w/Checks
$24.95 4" Logo w/Lines
$24.95 4" Logo Press On
$24.95 5" Step Pad
$24.95 4" Bolt on

Replacement Step Pads


If your step pads on your nerf bars have succumbed to the elements, you can get your replacements here. Dee Zee has used various styles over the years. Be sure to check and double check what is currently on your nerf bars and match your design with the pictures. Replacement step pads are sold individually. Step pad styles are not interchangeable. There is No Warranty, Non-Returnable, and Non-Refundable. If you have questions, please call customer service before purchasing. Phone number is 1-800-779-2102.

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